The Tree in the Garden of Eden

I've often heard of people who wonder why God put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden. Was He just looking for an excuse to kick Adam and Eve out?

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Categories: Religion
Date: 2008-05-25 23:03:54, 11 years and 55 days ago

Google v. Religion

This bit of news is interesting: Angry Christians sue Google over Internet Ad.

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Categories: Computers, Religion
Date: 2008-04-11 23:03:56, 11 years and 99 days ago

The Question of Suffering

Welcome to my new series¹ of "Stumper Questions for Christians that are Actually Easy to Answer". Yep, this is it folks all those questions you've always been to afraid to think about because if you do you might be forced to abandon your faith in Jesus, sort of like how you've abandoned mathematics because you don't know what 20 Log5 equals. Oh no, can't possibly believe in Jesus if there is even the slightest little unanswered question about God, the Bible, or ancient Egyptian construction techniques remaining unanswered. Why yes, this series will be written "tongue-in-cheek", so to speak, why do you ask?

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Categories: Humour, Religion
Date: 2008-04-06 23:03:54, 11 years and 104 days ago

Deadly Sins

God hates the wealthy and those that cause pollution, in other words 99% of the Western world, and the pope wants to send them all the Hell.
This has been a public service a public service announcement from the Catholic Church

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Categories: Rants, Religion
Date: 2008-03-11 23:03:53, 11 years and 130 days ago


The church I've recently started attending calls their Bible studies caregroups. I can understand why their doing this and it's really not that big of a thing, but I see it as another example of the new¹ course the Christian Church is starting to follow, towards a purely feel-good theology. Here's how I see a conversation going between your average Modern Church (YAMC) and an earnest seeker of the truth (EST):

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Categories: Rants, Religion
Date: 2008-02-25 23:03:53, 11 years and 145 days ago

The Screwtape Letters

I finished C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters" last night, I read it straight through in two sittings and was disappointed when it was over. You should go straight to the library and get it out, or buy if you want, I've got the library's copy, but I'll be keeping my eye out for a copy I can add to my bookcase. This book would have to be one of the best books I've read in the last couple of years. (Admittedly if your not a Christian you may not enjoy it as much, but it is still probably worth a read)

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Date: 2008-01-12 23:03:54, 11 years and 189 days ago