eM-4 Plastic Orcs and Dwarfs

eM-4 is a company in the UK that owns some of the old Grenadier molds; among them are a few plastic orcs and dwarfs for 22p each (about $0.30). Since I was purchasing the Combat Zone boxed set* I added in some orcs and dwarfs as well.

First the Orcs:

eM-4 Plastic
 Orcs Front

eM-4 Plastic
 Orcs Back

I rather like these; they aren't covered in spikes, and their weapons are generally not overly silly. Obviously they are rather small even for 25mm, but that's OK for me, since I'm using the more old school orcs style where they should be noticeably shorter than humans. You can see though that they have round sprue bits sticking out of their backs unfortunately, so those will need cleaning off.

Now the dwarfs:

 Plastic Dwarfs Front

eM-4 Plastic
 Dwarfs Back

I only got two of the dwarfs (getting the crossbow dwarf as well would have put me up into the next weight category for my parcel). Again they seem a bit more realistic in their armor and weapons than is popular with some miniature companies, which I like. On the other hand these guys are actually about as tall if not slightly taller than the orcs. Also on the axeman there is a small air-bubble beside the triangular bit of armour on his back (from what I've read about 10% of these figures have some sort of casting problem).

I was actually surprised how much I like these figures; I wasn't expecting much from them. On the other hand I don't own any miniatures from other makers (yet), so maybe they aren't that good in comparison. The price is very good regardless, and I can live with the occasional casting error, and otherwise quite like these miniatures, so I think I'll order a bunch more orcs and a few more dwarfs for my Estgair games.

Also eM-4 gave me pretty good service. Postage time was reasonable; I ordered in the evening on Monday the fourth, and it was here (Australia) on Friday the 15th, so less than 10 business days. But more noticeably I ordered 20 each of their square and round Card Stands to try out, and they where out of stock of the colour that I ordered in square, so they gave me a full refund for them, and sent me ten of a different colour free. I'm pretty sure that the extra stands are actually part of the Combat Zone boxed set for standing up the included card stock terrain; regardless I'm still happy with my purchase, and I intend to purchase from eM-4 again.

*. I've only played a couple of games and I've enjoyed it so far, but I'll do a review and take some pictures of the included plastic Sci-Fi miniatures in a few days after I've played at least a few more solo games.

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Date: 2013-03-17 23:03:53, 11 years and 122 days ago

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