The church I've recently started attending calls their Bible studies caregroups. I can understand why their doing this and it's really not that big of a thing, but I see it as another example of the new¹ course the Christian Church is starting to follow, towards a purely feel-good theology. Here's how I see a conversation going between your average Modern Church (YAMC) and an earnest seeker of the truth (EST):

     YAMC: Hi, we are such caring and friendly people, therefore you should
           convert to Christianity.
     EST:  But, what if it's not true?
     YAMC: It is true we're really nice and always honest, and we told you that
           it was true, so you should believe.
     EST:  But, what about a serious logical argument for the Bible's historic
     YAMC: Don't you worry about that, logic and history are subjects for
           scholars, not your every day man (or woman²).
           Anyway arguing with people is rather rude, you need to get beside them
           and be very careful not to offend them.
     EST:  Well I think I can safely say that Christianity is a religion for the
           mentally handicapped and little children. I think I'll stick with atheism.
     YAMC: What? But, we where so kind and friendly and careful not to offend.

Plus a caregroup is something you'd expect to find in the timetable of a hippie commune: "... And then every Thursday after tofu burgers we have a Caregroup, where we all get together in the peace hall and show each other how much we care." Don't get me wrong, I'm sure this Church is full of earnest Christians hoping to reach others for Christ, and it's really not too far gone, the teaching if just full of feel-good theology and all too little real spiritual food.

1. OK, I know trying to copy the culture of the time is not really that newer way for a Church to try and increase membership, but any Church that does this doesn't survive that long so it becomes something of a cycle and this is just the newest run of the same basic thing.

2. This is after all a modern, politically correct Church.

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Date: 2008-02-25 23:03:53, 16 years and 144 days ago

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