Harvard Classics 7 & 8: Christianity and the Theatre

At this rate I should be finishing the Harvard Classics in around 2026. Oh well, on to the latest update.

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Date: 2016-01-11 00:21:36, 8 years and 45 days ago


Just a few interesting links.

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Date: 2015-11-25 07:23:04, 8 years and 92 days ago

Harvard Classics 5 & 6 - Emerson & Burns

Since I'm getting back into blogging (maybe) I thought I'd update on my attempt to read through the Harvard Classics.

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Date: 2015-05-13 04:31:49, 8 years and 288 days ago

Harvard Classics Volume 4 - The Lost and The Regained

Yep, I'm still reading the Harvard Classics, even if I'm reading them slowly.

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Date: 2014-09-09 23:03:54, 9 years and 169 days ago

Harvard Classics Volume 3 - Essays, Censorship, and the Religion of Doctors

Well, this took a while. I blame the Romans. :-)

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Date: 2014-04-03 23:53:59, 9 years and 328 days ago

Harvard Classics Volume 2 - Dialogs, Sayings, and Meditations

A little while before NaNoWriMo started I decided to start reading through the Harvard Classics/Five-foot Bookshelf. I figure I'll give myself the basics of an old-school liberal arts education. Since Volume 1 is rather American focused I decided to skip it and go straight to Volume 2. I ended up slowing down a lot due to NaNoWriMo, but I got the last part of Volume 2 done on Monday.

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Date: 2013-12-04 23:03:54, 10 years and 83 days ago

Armarium Magnus

I've mentioned Tim O'Neill's blog here before, but he hadn't posted since quite some time. (he's even worse than me at the whole regular posts things; though his posts are longer and far more interesting) Despite this I've still checked back there every now and again incase he starts posting again, and now he has. As with all of his reviews it's full of interesting historic information; I strongly recommend reading it.

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Date: 2011-01-25 23:03:53, 13 years and 32 days ago

Rousseau's The Social Contract

As I mentioned earlier I've recently read through Rousseau's The Social Contract (not that translation though, mine was by Lowell Blair in the 1970's), and I'll expand on my initial review ("Wrong, but in interesting ways") here.

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Date: 2010-12-19 23:03:54, 13 years and 69 days ago

The Stupidest Thing on the Internet Ever

A review God's Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science. I strongly recommend reading this post; It's both entertaining and educational. Note the title of this post is not a reference to Author himself, but rather something he talks about in his post (about a third of the way down).

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Date: 2010-08-12 23:03:54, 13 years and 198 days ago

The Lion's Mane

Just an interesting example of cultural differences I observed while reading The Lion's Mane, a Sherlock Holmes story. Basically the story goes that a man stumbles of the beach beside a lagoon in obvious agony, mumbles something about a "lion's mane", and then dies. When the body is examined it reveals a pattern of red welts across his back, which are described as similar to the wounds from a whip of some sort.

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Date: 2010-02-07 23:03:54, 14 years and 19 days ago