Self Improvement Update For the New Year

Since it's the start of a New Year I guess I should update these self improvement goals.

Here's the six goals I've been working on throughout the year:

  1. Run a half-marathon (21KM) in a decent time (less than 2 hours) and achieve a moderate level of strength; 30 pushups, 60 situps, and 10 pullups should do as a start (based on the Australian Army's Commando Physical Fitness Entry Requirements). I don't think my overall fitness has improved in the last year unfortunately, because I was rather slack early in the year. I have been running through a new program since October which is resulting in some dividends for improved strength at least, but it's mostly just recovering back up to my maxes of a year or two ago. Currently I'm at a single set maximum of 24 pushups, 45 situps, 47 body-weight squats, and 5 pullups. I've been focusing on resistance training instead of running so I'm not sure where I am on the half-marathon front.
  2. Shoot a rifle accurately. I currently don't own my own rifle, but I have been shooting at the local range with the club .22's. I can normally manage around 2-4cm groups at 50yds from a bench rest, which comes out to around 380-390 out of 400 (40 shots) on the targets we use.
  3. Have a decent knowledge of First Aid. No real progress on this, though I have read a bit on the subject.
  4. Have a basic working knowledge of at least one non-English language. I've worked some more on Indonesian, but there where a few months there where I didn't work on it very much. I'm currently up to 717 "facts" in my Anki deck, about 400-500 of which are words, with the remainder being phrases and sentences.
  5. Post regularly here (at least once a week). Yeah, this hasn't happened, but I'll try this year.
  6. Have at least a basic knowledge of the Western Canon. I've been reading a few more classics, but not as many as I would like unfortunately.

I've added a couple of new goals; mostly using Anki to aid memorising information:

  1. Memorise the arithmetic tables for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division up to 20x20. I've been working through these in an Anki deck which I generated containing the whole 1600 possibilities there are with these values. Currently I've got 730 (45.6%) "Mature cards", 57 (3.6%) "Young cards", and 813 (50.8%) "Unseen cards". Most of the "Mature cards" are the ones I find easy already, while the "Unseen cards" are ones I haven't tried yet.
  2. Learn Morse Code. I've got a Morse code Anki deck, and so far I've learnt all the letters, but I still need to work on them a bit more before I've got them fully memorised, and I've also have to work on the special characters and the like.
  3. Memorise Chapter Titles for every Chapter of the Bible. I read this idea in Friesen and Maxson, Decision Making and the Will of God. The basic idea is that you read through the entire Bible coming up with chapter titles (like Genesis 1; "The Beginning", Genesis 27; "Jacob's Deception") and then memorise them, so that you know where everything is in the Bible. I've gone through 168 chapters so far, which gets me to Deuteronomy 15.

And removed two old ones as well:

  1. Make a decent profit on the share market (better than 5% annually). I've been out of the share market for quite some time now, so this doesn't really make sense as a goal any longer.
  2. Be a member of the SES. I really haven't done anything on this, and I don't know if I'll be staying in the same area long term, so I'll drop this as a goal.
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Date: 2013-01-01 23:03:54, 9 years and 189 days ago

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