Normally bloggers get excited about the latest and greatest gadgets like the iPad or the latest netbook; me I'm excited about about technology that was invented in the 1920's. I was recently looking around for a battery powered radio receiver in case of emergencies, and I noticed some of the more expensive ones had Shortwave, so I ordered one. Today it arrived by courier, and it's really neat. I can receive transmissions from different parts of Asia, and all over Australia. Plus it seems to be a fairly good FM radio, which is what I actually got it for. I've already learnt a couple of things as well: 1, Sports news isn't any more interesting in a Chinese accent, and 2, there is no chance of me understanding spoken Indonesian unless I improve a lot. :-)

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Date: 2010-04-13 23:03:54, 14 years and 46 days ago

Pilot 78G

Based on a recommendation from Marko Kloos (Down the bottom) I've purchased myself a fountain pen, a Pilot 78G, plus a bottle of Parker Quink ink. All in all this set me back about $28 including pen, ink, and postage on the pen.

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Date: 2010-01-11 23:03:54, 14 years and 138 days ago

Swiss Army Knives

My first knife was one of those cheap, nasty Swiss Army Knife clones. I loved it when I first got it, but I grew out of it and it was such low quality that it put me of the whole idea of "Swiss Army Knives". I'm pleased to say I'm now cured of this dislike; I recently saw a cheap ($22.45) Victorinox Tinker on eBay. I'm glad I did; it's currently my very favourite knife, though so far I've avoided the temptation to name it "Vera". :-)

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Date: 2009-06-29 23:03:54, 14 years and 334 days ago