Google v. Religion

This bit of news is interesting: Angry Christians sue Google over Internet Ad.

Despite what Mike Judge from the Christian Institute said, this has nothing to do with free speech, they're still free to say whatever they like on their website much the same as Google is free to not say whatever they like on their website. While it is true what he said about it being an insulting policy, if this came before me in court I'd have to side with Google on this one (even though I wouldn't like it). So, I'm going to be hoping that Google wins, but I'll be looking for a new search engine since they seem to think that because off my religion, I'm an idiot, or maybe even a liar, and can't do facts. I'll obviously be looking into it myself, but does anyone have any good recommendations on search engines?

-- EDIT 17/08/2008 --

Since this time I've largely come to see this as an over-reaction, and as such I've moved back to using Google

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Date: 2008-04-11 23:03:54, 16 years and 14 days ago

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