I Like Guns

I Like Guns by Steve Lee (an Australian singer)

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Date: 2010-01-01 23:03:54, 14 years and 148 days ago

Gun Control = Thunderdome

Marko Kloos is so very good at expressing why gun control sucks, so rather than explain it myself I'll just link to him.

Date: 2009-08-28 23:03:57, 14 years and 274 days ago

Meditations on Violence

Meditations on Violence by Rory Miller is a great book. Rather than discussing specific techniques, Miller discusses the intellectual and emotional components of violent encounters. He has spent over a decade working in prisons, so he certainly has extensive experience in the area of violence having been in hundreds of violent encounters with some of the worst criminals on the planet.

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Date: 2009-07-04 23:03:54, 14 years and 329 days ago

Interesting Links

Since I haven't posted for a while, I thought I'd share a couple of interesting posts from other blogs that are well worth a read:

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Date: 2009-05-27 23:03:54, 15 years and 2 days ago

Deaths by Firearms in comparison to Deaths by Motor Vehicles

A comparison of deaths caused by firearms to deaths caused by cars and motorbikes in Australia during 2006 (most recent year available). All tables including ICD codes for cause of death.

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Date: 2008-12-20 23:03:53, 15 years and 160 days ago

Kiwi Shop Owners want guns

Good on them. And, John Albertson, mate, while it does assure that all robberies are going to involve guns, it also ensures that the innocent victims will be at least as well armed as their attackers, which makes it worse for law-abiding citizens how? You do realise that using a position of power to make work conditions more dangerous is at very best negligent? Or perhaps your worried about the violent criminals, I'm no lawyer but I'm pretty sure making a deliberate effort to make the commission of crime easier, would make you an accessory.

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Date: 2008-06-10 23:03:54, 15 years and 353 days ago

LawDog on Self Defence

I've just started reading LawDog. One of the more interesting reads on his blog is his Meditations on Self Defence, I'm not sure if I entirely agree with it but it is still an interesting take on the issue of self-defence.

Date: 2008-04-22 23:03:54, 16 years and 37 days ago


A couple more interesting links on gun control:

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Date: 2008-02-11 23:03:54, 16 years and 108 days ago

A Nation of Cowards

While Jeffrey R. Snyder's " A Nation of Cowards" may be a bit extreme in some areas, it is well worth a read and careful consideration for it's general applicability to self-defense and not just gun control.

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Date: 2008-02-04 23:03:53, 16 years and 115 days ago

Every Man Should Have A Rifle

So I sit and write and ponder, while the house is deaf and dumb, Seeing visions "over yonder" of the war I know must come. In the corner - not a vision - but a sign for coming days Stand a box of ammunition and a rifle in green baize. And in this, the living present, let the word go through the land, Every tradesman, clerk and peasant should have these two things at hand.  No - no ranting song is needed, and no meeting, flag or fuss - In the future, still unheeded, shall the spirit come to us! Without feathers, drum or riot on the day that is to be, We shall march down, very quiet, to our stations by the sea. While the bitter parties stifle every voice that warns of war, Every man should own a rifle and have cartridges in store!

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Date: 2007-11-09 23:03:53, 16 years and 202 days ago