Wanted the Movie

This movie tries to get away with it's lousy plot by being an "action" movie, and while the action scenes where technically brilliant, they where only around a third of the film. That means the majority of the time was spent on plot, and the plot... well lets just say it could be better. This movie has several plot holes and instances of plot induced stupidity. Note that from here on this review may contain spoilers.

Action wise it would have made for a fine super-hero flick if they had just dropped the curvy bullets. I really don't understand why they had them in it, they served no point to the plot, and the few action scenes that contained them could have dropped them without harm. I'm willing to allow the super speed and strength, and even perhaps shooting the other guys bullets out of the air, we're talking about characters that I've already acknowledged are super-heroes beings, but the curvy bullets are going too far.

Let's start with the first instance of plot induced stupidity: Mr. X. The story is that Mr. X has just taken out these four mooks, and then one of their phones rings, so he picks up, and starts talking to someguy called Cross. Their conversation goes for a little while and then ends like so:

Mr. X: "Don't send sheep to kill a wolf."
Cross: "I didn't they where just the distraction."

At which point Mr. X, our super assassin, with massively-heightened reflexes, takes a couple seconds to look down at his feet to see a cross, and then stands there until he gets shot. Now I don't know about you, but if I discovered that I'd been lead into a trap and that I was now standing on an X, I'd probably move.

And then to make it worse this happens again, with a different character later in the film.

The other main example of plot induced stupidity is right near the end: Our hero has revealed to the rest of the assassins that Sloan has been making up kill orders for his own profit. So what does Sloan do to counter this, he reveals his ace in the hole:

Drum-roll please.

He has kill orders for all of the assassins. You know the same kill orders that he has already admitted to being willing to falsify for his own personal benefit. Now sure this could be the last futile attempt to save himself, except that not one the half a dozen other people room even thinks about this for half a second.

And finally we have The Loom. I mean I'm sure if I ever discover some pattern in random values I'm going to assume it's a list of people to kill. Isn't that the logical conclusion?

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Date: 2008-12-12 23:03:56, 15 years and 218 days ago

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