Apparently "Nelson ruined the day" with his apology speech yesterday, the 13th of February. I wonder how they figure that. You should go read his speech for yourself.

A quick summary is that some people, including members of the government, many with the best of intentions, caused some serious problems for parts of the Aboriginal community, which we today are sorry for and deeply regret. While we pause to apologise for past injustices and mistakes, we should not forget the injustices and suffering in the Aboriginal community today, and we should recommit ourselves to rectifying these problems.

It appears the the main thing some people disliked about it was that he dared to list some of the injustices in the Aboriginal community that were actually caused by other Aboriginals. How dare he suggest that some problems in the Aboriginal community are caused by other Aboriginals! And, how dare he accompany an apology for past injustices with a commitment to rectify current injustices. Tut-tut, you'd think he was serious about Aboriginal welfare or something.

Also I find the actions of the people who turned their backs on him kind of childish. I keep thinking of a child blocking their ears and running away yelling "La-La La-La, I can't hear you!". Though for balance Nelson's attitude towards getting an apology makes me think of a child threatening to hold their breath until you say sorry. So neither side to this argument is the picture of maturity.

Categories: Politics, Race
Date: 2008-02-14 23:03:57, 16 years and 155 days ago

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