Criticized for not killing a protected animal

A family in Cairns is being criticized in the comments on this article for not saving a joey from a large python. With some of the comments I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

From the category of "Don't understand the difference between humans and wallabies"* we have:

I still think this family was wrong in just letting the snake eat the joey. How disgusting that they just stood and watched it without trying to do anything. Would they just stand and watch it if it were a child being eaten.....I think not. These adults are disgusting and teaching their kids the wrong thing. Linda G of Perth

Then we have some comments from people that don't understand that snakes need to eat:

I know this is nature but how on earth could this family standby and watch this poor little wallaby get killed? Not only that, they took pictures so they could get in the paper!!!!! I'm not suggesting the kill the python at all but surely they could have helped the little wallaby????

On the other hand with some comments I know exactly where I stand:

I blame this on climate change / global warming whatever you want to call it.... MK


*. Of course as a self-identified kangaroo I must admit that it would be different if it where a kangaroo, but no one likes wallabies. :-)

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Date: 2010-01-01 23:03:53, 14 years and 198 days ago

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