China's Government Sucks

Their saying it as she got of murder, but really she's going to jail in China for defending herself against an attempted rape. Now I know almost nothing about the Chinese justice system except that it seems to be pretty harsh (execution for tax evasion for instance), but I suspect Ms. Deng will never leave jail alive. Also the Chinese have no qualms about using prisoners as slave labour, so you can thank Ms. Deng for the donation of her labour to the worthy cause of keeping the price down on your next pair of Nike shoes.

This and the fact that China currently tops my list of "Countries most likely to invade Australia" mean that I'm boycotting Chinese made products. This isn't going to be a complete boycott, I'll still buy Chinese when there's no other option and I'm not going to throw away the stuff I already own that's made in China, but where possible I'll make sure my money is going to someone other than the Chinese (and Indonesia, which is second place on the list, and not exactly a beacon of human rights itself).

-- Edit 19/06/2009 --

Changed the title from "China Sucks" to "China's Government Sucks", which more accurately communicates my opinion.

Date: 2009-06-18 23:03:53, 15 years and 30 days ago

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