Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action is inherently racist.

Now that I've got all the lefties upset I suppose I should explain myself. Let's play a little game of "Pick the Racist Statement":

Statement One:
"Let's encourage businesses to employ more white people."
Statement Two:
"Let's encourage businesses to employ more black people."

Why on Earth is one of these statements racist, but the other is the epitome of racial brotherhood? Of course some people, perhaps even most people, would say that it's to make up for all the disadvantages racial minorities suffer from. Well, that may be true*, but it doesn't make it any less racist, or to put it another way, it might be the lesser of two evils, but it's still an evil.

Also, did you ever think about how patronising a lot of forms of affirmative action are? How about scholarships for instance? I'd love to hear some one explain how paying black people money to do something that white people can do without any such reward is not patronising. It reminds me of how when I was a kid, the dentist would give me a sticker when I didn't try and bite his hand of, but doesn't now I'm an adult.

* I wouldn't be surprised if the real reason most people support affirmative action and the like was actually white guilt.

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Date: 2008-11-29 23:03:53, 15 years and 231 days ago

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