A Comparison of Three SF Anthologies

I was recently on holidays for a few weeks, and while I was away I finished off a couple of SF anthologies: The Mammoth Book of Best New SF #23 edited by Gardner Dozois [2009] (confusingly this is the same book as The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Seventh Annual Collection), and Destinies Vol 1 No 2 edited by James Baen [1979]. A couple of months ago I also read L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XXIV edited by Algis Budrys [2008]. And I thought a comparison of the three collections might offer some interesting insight into the current SF marketplace.

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Date: 2015-08-31 08:25:28, 3 days ago

How Long Can You Delay Children

Dalrock has an interesting post up how long women can delay childbearing before their chances of getting pregnant drop too much.

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Date: 2015-07-30 07:24:18, 35 days ago

Planned Parenthood Baby Chop Shop Update

So, I sent out about a hundred emails over the past few days to various companies that are alleged to support the Baby Chop shop. Here's a summary of the replies I've received (using these contact details, based on another pastebin that's now gone):

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Date: 2015-07-29 00:26:04, 36 days ago

Let's Put an End to the PP Baby Chop Shop

Over at Vox Day's place they're starting an email writing campaign for Planned Parenthood's (aka the PP Baby Chop Shop) various corporate sponsors.

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Date: 2015-07-23 07:25:29, 42 days ago

Expel Bahar Mustafa

Let's get an annoying SJW fired.

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Date: 2015-05-25 04:31:49, 101 days ago

Harvard Classics 5 & 6 - Emerson & Burns

Since I'm getting back into blogging (maybe) I thought I'd update on my attempt to read through the Harvard Classics.

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Date: 2015-05-13 04:31:49, 113 days ago

Vile Faceless Minion

I'm @316:

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Date: 2015-05-07 00:30:17, 119 days ago

Harvard Classics Volume 4 - The Lost and The Regained

Yep, I'm still reading the Harvard Classics, even if I'm reading them slowly.

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Date: 2014-09-09 23:03:54, 359 days ago

Book Review: A Throne of Bones by Vox Day: 5/5 Stars

A review of A Throne of Bones by Vox Day. (Also available from Smashwords: A Throne of Bones by Vox Day)

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Date: 2014-08-06 23:03:53, 1 year and 28 days ago

Three-strikes-and-you're-out & other Escalating Punishments

A comment over on David Thompson's blog got me thinking about escalating punishments for repeat offenders, and I thought I'd share my [slightly-expanded] thoughts here as well.

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Date: 2014-07-10 00:30:17, 1 year and 55 days ago