Book Review: Time Enough for Love: 2/5 Stars

According to Lazarus Long love is what happens when you're not having sex. Having now read Time Enough for Love, apparently "love" primarily consists of talking about sex, and making-out with teenage girls.

Heinlein for all his brilliance as a writer was also a dirty old man, and sadly that completely ruins this book. The central conceit, two-thousand-year old man contemplating finally ending it all settles down to tell some tall tales to one of his distant descendants, is quite interesting, and a couple of the individual tales (rescuing the twins, and the wagon-train) manage to be pretty good until they essentially stop being about anything other than sex.

It's not that there's sex in the story, or even taboo sex, but that Heinlein let's the story cease to be about anything other than taboo sex. Both the stories-within-a-story work despite having taboo sexual themes, because there's more to them than that, but essentially all the other stories are just sex, perverted sex, and talking about sex.

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Date: 2017-02-22 23:08:40, 5 years and 136 days ago

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