Some links that I thought where worth sharing.

First up we have John C. Wright's Point Deer, Make Horse about the leftist response to the San Bernardino shooting:

[F]or the Left, their God is Caesar, that is to say, the State, that is to say, themselves.

After every crime-spree or disaster or terrorist attack by persons who never turn out to be white rightwingers, the Left says that it is the punishment rightfully delivered for not being faithful enough to Caesar, not giving him what he demanded for our good: not giving Caesar enough power, property and control over our minds and souls to solve the problem.

Also on the San Bernardino shooting Anonymous Conservative posted this:

One of the San Bernardino shooting victims was a staunch supporter of the right to bear arms.

He knew the threat, he had the skills and ability to deal with it, but he was killed ... by the political machinations of weak and pathetic rabbits who managed to use ... cops and his own respect for the law, to kill him and help the terrorists.

Next up Dalrock on the Fantasy Land that many Christians seem to live in regarding the push to get women into the military:

[T]he CBMW’s [Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood; a group of Christian complementarians] response to the generations long push by feminists to insert women into all parts of our armed forces is to pretend that something else entirely is going on. To avoid confronting the very open feminist rebellion, the CBMW pretends that men are insisting that women be forced into combat in their place. No one else believes this, and I have to believe that deep down even the complementarians themselves know this is a farce. However, confronting a generation of women demanding to usurp men’s roles is difficult, and to a complementarian downright terrifying. Changing the subject from reality to a fantasy world allows complementarians to avoid what is difficult and instead focus on posturing.

And finally, and just for fun: Cataclysm DDA; a rather addicting rogue-like about the zombie apocalypse.

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