I'm stopping using Firefox (and other Mozilla programs like Seamonkey and Thunderbird) over this whole Brendan Eich scuffle, and you should consider it too.

For those who don't know basically what happened was that one Mr. Brendan Eich donated $1,000 to a pro-Proposition 8 (anti-gay marriage) lobby a few years back. Recently Mr. Eich, the inventor of JavaScript (one of the key web technologies), became the CEO of Mozilla, and the Gay lobby became upset, and several members of Mozilla's board of directors joined them.

The situation escalated to the point where he "resigned" as CEO. So, basically what's happened is that a man has lost his job despite his major technical contributions. Or essentially the board of directors has said that ideological conformity is more important than actual technical of business skills. In that case I'm going to go elsewhere for my browser.

Categories: Computers, Politics
Date: 2014-04-07 00:30:17, 10 years and 101 days ago

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