The Meaning of Waking Dreams

I saw a book in a bookshop I was walking past Today called "The Meaning of Waking Dreams". Now I know this may surprise some of my readers but I actually agree with the author/s of this book. It's a little known fact that waking dreams are the Universe sending you a message. Often times the consequences of ignoring or (perhaps even worse) misinterpreting these messages can be disastrous. Where I must complain though is the idea that an amateur with a book, not matter how well written, interpreting their own waking dreams is a good idea. It takes considerable training and skill to successfully interpret a waking dream. For instance how many of us could recognize the subtle differences between the universe telling us to "lay off the drugs, you moron" and the similar, but distinct message that "you really shouldn't have licked that frog; seriously what where you thinking?"

Categories: Humour, Books
Date: 2009-10-12 23:03:54, 14 years and 279 days ago

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