Selling Medibank Private

The Coalition claims it will sell Medibank Private:

[Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey said,] "So I announce today that the Coalition will sell Medibank Private and use every dollar from the proceeds to help pay down Labor's debt."

Good idea. I can sort of understand the motives behind Government owned power or phone providers since these rely on a physical network, which in theory allows the establishment of localised monopolies more easily, but these do not apply to Health Care since you can provide it pretty much anywhere in the country without any need for a physical network. The most interesting thing about this news though is that most of the comments seem to express the belief that winning the popularity contest which is election to government makes you good and wise, while winning the similar popularity contest which is election to the board of directors of a company makes you stupid and/or evil. Yep, that makes sense. At least if a company sucks I can choose not to do business with it, but if the governments bad what option have I got?

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Date: 2010-02-18 23:03:54, 14 years and 150 days ago

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