Prince Harry's in Afghanistan

Apparently Prince Harry has been deployed in Afghanistan, about time really, I mean he volunteered to go to Iraq ages ago and they refused him. I suppose I could understand the MoD being cautious about deploying him because his presence could have endangered the men under his command, but they had managed to think of a solution that at least alleviated that problem. Or at least it did until certain members of the media choose to reveal his presence, these media groups should be ashamed to have endangered this brave man and the rest of his unit, just to improve ratings. Heck, I'm ashamed simply because the embargo was broken by " Australian magazine." See the following articles for more details:

ABC: Prince Harry fighting in Afghanistan.
Times Online: Interview with Prince Harry in Afghanistan.
AFP:Prince Harry: Diana would have been 'proud'¹.

1. As all Britons should be. This young man is a credit to your nation and the royal family.

Date: 2008-02-29 23:03:54, 16 years and 140 days ago

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