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...and another for you.

This story of a drunk copper infuriated me. Senior-Constable Adam Reedy pretty much spent the whole day getting drunk, then at the request of some of his fellow cops, he came on duty to perform a breath test! After this already rather serious infraction he then went back of duty, drunk some more, and then put himself back on duty to try and arrest a woman for apparently spitting¹ on him. This arrest attempt apparently escalated into a bar fight that resulted in the copper being hospitalised and eight people being charged, five with grievous bodily harm. Though according too witnesses it looks like the person that needs to be charged was the copper himself:

In court, Crown witnesses backed the defendants' claim that Reedy had directed racial comments at Aborigines in a bar and then dragged Ms Mitchell by her hair, pulling clumps out.

But, at least the they kicked this twit off the police force or at least suspended him temporarily? Right? Apparently not, according to the Courier-Mail, not only hasn't he been disciplined, but his has since been promoted. I can sort-of live with him being promoted, it has after all been three years since these events, and a bit of discipline might have been all that was needed to make him get his act together, but the article quite specifically states that "[Senior-Constable Reedy] has not been disciplined". What should have happened was Reedy and the "colleagues" that asked him to come on duty under the influence should all have been suspended for a fortnight without pay, for the first infraction. The later event should have resulted in a careful investigation of the circumstances and then dependant on the results of the investigation between another fortnight of suspension, up to being kicked of the police force or even criminal charges.

1. From this Article.

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Date: 2008-03-24 23:03:54, 16 years and 116 days ago

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