Notes on the Paris Attacks

Various notes on the Paris Attacks.

First from Sean Sorrentino:

I've got some bad news for you guys. This Paris murder spree? Not all that complicated. The media keeps talking about [Deep stentorian announcer voice] "It was a sophisticated and coordinated attack, displaying extensive training and pre-planning."

Bull-puckey. That was about a rifle squad's worth of joes, about a week's worth of training, and about $100 worth of tranquilizer pills. ...

(Curtesy of Smallest Minority)

Next check out Tom Kratman's Open Letter to the Nation of France:

You have two sets of enemies inside your country. One set are the unassimilated, indeed, increasingly unassimilated and by now well-nigh inassimilable, Moslems. ...

The other enemies are your rulers, safe in their internationalist positions, denationalized themselves, well connected, corrupt, and not caring about you in the slightest. ...

And Mike Cernovich on the "refugee" crisis:

Over 125 innocent Parisians are dead, and yet the media is still lying about the Syrian "refugee" crisis in the European Union.

Nearly every Syrian "refugee" is an able-bodied man of prime fighting age.

"Humanitarian" groups teach "refugees" how to evade fingerprinting.

Finally; why I'm against gun control:

Gun Control = Making Sure No One Can Shoot Back

Date: 2015-11-17 07:42:20, 8 years and 242 days ago

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