Israelites are as Bad as Nazis

... according to Hamas: apparently Mahmoud al-Zahar (Hamas' founder) thinks that a revolt in Gaza would be morally equivalent of Jews involved in the Warsaw Uprising. Yeah, because you know, there's quite a few Palestinian extermination camps in Israel [by most estimates: ZERO]. And it's not like the Gaza Strip is virtually a independent country or anything, according the Wikipedia: since "12 September 2005, the Palestinian Authority had complete administrative authority in the Gaza Strip", admittedly Israel does control the Sea along the Coast line and all of the Airspace, but, while this is a rare arrangement between two independent countries, it is not unheard off.¹ So basically Hamas² is complaining because Israel does not allow them to freely cross the borders between itself (Israel) and a hostile country ruled by a terrorist organization that has as one of it's stated objectives the destruction of the Israeli nation, and is known for suicide bombings against civilians, gee I wonder why. I also wonder why Hamas doesn't feel the need to complain about Egypt (a fellow Islamic nation) also having a closed border policy?

1. I noticed that Wikipedia also stated that "Israel continues to assert control over activities that rely on transit through Israel, ... [and] approves all immigration to and emigration from Gaza via Israel, as well as entry by foreigners via Israel, imports and exports via Israel, and collection and reimbursement of value-added tax in Israel", sorry what's unusual about that? I'm pretty darn sure that that is the usual arrangement between two countries that share a border. If they don't want the their imports to come under Israeli control, they can import via Egypt, at which point they come under Egyptian control.

2. I find it interesting that a terrorist organisation that is know for suicide bombings against civilians, and is believed to have ties to Al-Qaeda is always referred to as just a militant organisation in the media. Also, Hamas is currently in charge in Gaza so if anyone is abusing the Palestinians it's Hamas, which, considering that it would cease to exist as relevant political force if things started to go well in Gaza, is not too bigger stretch of the imagination.

Date: 2008-04-18 23:03:54, 16 years and 7 days ago

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