I'm back

Just a quick note too let you know I'm back. I've been away in Tasmania for about a month now, which should explain the lack of posts :-). I'll do a write-up on my holidays in the next couple of days.

I received my final grades also, and I passed everything with a final GPA of 5.46. Consequently my youth allowance has been canceled and while it means I need to get a job in the next month, it is actually a relief to no longer be reliant on (or answerable too) the socialist welfare system that is CentreLink.

In other news I've had three pictures posted over at Insect Picture of the Day here, here, and here. Unfortunately the link too my blog on these pages is wrong but that is my fault not David Brady's.

Categories: Education, Linkage, Meta
Date: 2007-12-16 23:03:54, 16 years and 215 days ago

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