Let's Put an End to the PP Baby Chop Shop

Over at Vox Day's place they're starting an email writing campaign for Planned Parenthood's (aka the PP Baby Chop Shop) various corporate sponsors.

The Daily Signal has a list of 39 companies that donate to Planned Parenthood (They used to have 41, but Ford and Xerox have already made an effort to distance themselves from a possibly false listing by Planned Parenthood; see the notes at the bottom). That post also discusses some of the background of the current blowup (not that we need a special reason to attack the baby chop shop; just strike while the iron's hot and all that).

I'm going to be writing a bunch of emails to various companies on that list over the next few days, and you should too, or if you've got Twitter send them some tweets.

I would also repeat Vox Day's advice on the contents of the emails as well:

Don't threaten, don't talk about boycotts, don't quote Bible verses, just try to get a statement from them concerning whether they support Planned Parenthood's sale of harvested human organs. Don't whine, suck it up and recall that thousands of gamers did this for weeks before getting any results.

PS: If you're unsure about the reasoning behind this advice, there's plenty of discussion of why in the comments on Vox Day's blog; Cail Corishev's post at 159 is particular good.

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Date: 2015-07-23 07:25:29, 8 years and 359 days ago

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