I thought I'd try my hand at recipe blogging, so here's a quick and easy Cous-Cous recipe that I occasionally eat for lunch (it would probably make a fine side-dish for a main meal as well):

1/2 cup Cous-Cous
30-50g (1-1.5Oz) Feta cheese, finely cubed
1/2 Tomato, finely cubed
A handful of sliced olives, probably around 5-10
Mixed herbs to taste (perhaps some salt as well)
Olive Oil to taste

  1. Combine the Cous-Cous and mixed herbs into a bowl, and boil some water.
  2. While you wait for the water to boil start cutting up the other ingredients.
  3. Add sufficient boiling water to cover the Cous-Cous and mixed herbs, then let sit for a few minutes while you finish cutting up the other ingredients.
  4. The Cous-Cous will clump a bit, so break it up with a fork, and mix in the other ingredients.

An even simpler dish is to skip everything except the Cous-Cous and use a 100g tin of flavoured tuna of your choice (I like the curries) instead. Note for American readers: I don't think you can get flavoured tuna, so you'll have to use plain tuna, but you could add curry powder, mixed herbs or some sort of sauce to give it some more flavour.

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Date: 2010-01-21 23:03:53, 14 years and 157 days ago

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