Breast Rubs

This is interesting (Yes, it is Safe For Work, it's a news article) I do agree that it is not really appropriate for a male doctor to be "rubbing" his female patient's breasts, but why would the 31 year old women in the article keep going back if she felt it was such a problem? It is implied in the article that she was more than a little uncomfortable with it, but she continued going to the same dentist fully expecting that sort of thing to happen (by the sound of it).

So she requested a certain medical treatment with full knowledge that it would involve "breast rubs" and now she is complaining to the police about it? I could understand if there was evidence that the technique was dangerous or it the dentist was just claiming that it would help so he could fondle his female patients, but it the dentist in question claims that there is actually medical evidence to suggest that it would actually help.

Categories: Humour, Oddities
Date: 2007-10-17 23:03:53, 16 years and 275 days ago

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