I don't know whether to thank Tamara of View From The Porch or send her hate-mail. On the plus side she's got me back into reading books, on the negative side, do you have any idea how much books cost? In rough terms, "A lot".

I always used to read extensively but then I sort of just stopped (actually I didn't fully stop, I just slowed down to about one book a month). This happened while I was studying, because I was simply reading too many fiction books, and not doing enough study. A couple of books mentioned on her site (My War Gone By, I Miss It So and Meditations on Violence, which I reviewed here) and the realisation that I actually have some extra cash started me off. I purchased both books from Fishpond and I've now spent over $150 on books since then. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for a couple of shipments to arrive. :-(

You'll notice the above link is an affiliate link; like addicts the world over on-selling in an effort to fund my habit. ;-) In that vein I'd like to recommend The Patriots by David Drake. It's an entertaining read, apparently based on the actions of the Green Mountain Boys in Vermont near the start of the American Revolutionary War, in space. I've read it twice now; I originally picked it up for five dollars from a cheap shop a couple of years ago (mine is a nice Hard Cover edition; much better looking than the Fishpond one), yet I still re-read it in a single sitting Today.

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Date: 2009-07-12 23:03:53, 15 years and 6 days ago

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