Book Review: Wes Parker: Monster Hunter by C.J. Pike: 4/5 Stars

A review of Wes Parker: Monster Hunter by C.J. Pike

This book is laugh out loud funny, it's probably one of the funniest books I've read in a while. The main character is a kind of stupid teenager with super-powers who hunts vampires, werewolves, trolls, etc.

If you're expecting a serious work you're going to be disappointed, this isn't it, but for what it is, it's pretty good.

The humour style isn't real common in mainstream works, but it reminds me of webcomics. It's a sort of free-spirited, funny-cool combination that doesn't take itself very seriously.

It has some oddities in the language used in various parts. It felt like it could use the hand of a serious editor, on the other hand sometimes editors tend to flatten out the jokes a bit on comedic works in this sort of style, so it might be better to live with the occasional oddness. Plus either it got better, or I got used to it, because after the first story I pretty much didn't notice it any more.

Overall, I'd recommend it, since I thought it was hilarious despite the occasionally disjointed language, so I'm giving it a rating of "Good/Recommended" or four stars, and if the editing was a little better I'd upgrade that to "Strongly Recommended" or five stars.


  • Funny.
  • Interesting enemies.


  • Some Editing Problems

Ideal Audience: Action/Horror fans who want a good laugh.

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Date: 2014-03-27 23:03:53, 10 years and 112 days ago

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