Narbonic and ASIO

You might be wondering what a web comic, Narbonic, and an intelligence organizations, ASIO, have to do with each other; the answer of course is absolutely nothing whatsoever, I simply don't have enough to say for two separate posts.

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Date: 2009-06-13 23:03:54, 10 years and 70 days ago

Backstroke of the West

AKA: Revenge of the Sith. This is hilarious; I find myself wondering if I could pick up a copy from somewhere.

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Date: 2009-04-21 23:03:53, 10 years and 123 days ago

Just Buried the Movie

I watched this movie last night, and unfortunately I must say that I didn't really enjoy it. It billed itself as a "black comedy", and while it certainly succeeded on the first part, calling it a comedy is really a bit of a stretch, it simply wasn't all that funny. Don't get me wrong, I actually quite enjoy a good black comedy (for instance Plots with a View), this movie just didn't do it for me. For sure there was some funny moments, the "reading" of the will was hilarious for instance, but these couple of scenes where ultimately let down by the rest of the film. In summary: if your looking for a black comedy watch Plots with a View instead.

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Date: 2009-03-18 23:03:54, 10 years and 157 days ago


I saw these two headlines beside each other in my news reader yesterday:

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Date: 2009-02-17 23:03:54, 10 years and 186 days ago

Roos 'on the Brink of Extinction'

Four wildlife groups are claiming that kangaroos are "on the brink of extinction" in three Australian states. If you read to the end of the article you find that that means they believe that "there are less than five kangaroos per square kilometre across most of NSW, South Australia and Queensland". OK, even accepting their figures on face value according to Wikipedia the land areas of these three state are 809,444 sq km, 1,043,514 sq km, and 1,852,642 sq km respectively, for a total of 3,705,600 sq km. In other words they believe that because kangaroo numbers between those three states have dropped below approximately 18,528,000 they are now "on the brink of extinction".

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Date: 2008-08-12 23:03:54, 11 years and 10 days ago

Third Annual Movie-Plot Threat Contest Semi-Finalists

Bruce Schneier has just announced the semi-finalists for the Third Annual Movie-Plot.

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Date: 2008-05-09 23:03:54, 11 years and 105 days ago

Carbon Debits

Carbon Debits for when you realise that increased water temperature = increased evaporation = increased rainfall = end of the drought.

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Date: 2008-04-16 23:03:53, 11 years and 128 days ago

The Question of Suffering

Welcome to my new series¹ of "Stumper Questions for Christians that are Actually Easy to Answer". Yep, this is it folks all those questions you've always been to afraid to think about because if you do you might be forced to abandon your faith in Jesus, sort of like how you've abandoned mathematics because you don't know what 20 Log5 equals. Oh no, can't possibly believe in Jesus if there is even the slightest little unanswered question about God, the Bible, or ancient Egyptian construction techniques remaining unanswered. Why yes, this series will be written "tongue-in-cheek", so to speak, why do you ask?

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Categories: Humour, Religion
Date: 2008-04-06 23:03:54, 11 years and 138 days ago

Brave Sir Bin Laden

Brave Sir Bin Laden on Right Wing News not only makes an amusing Monty Python reference but also mocks Al-Qaeda. I mean it's just about perfect.

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Date: 2008-03-16 23:03:53, 11 years and 159 days ago

Andrew Symonds Knocks down Streaker

I found this amusing, serves the twit right, I am of course speaking of the streaker here. Only bad thing is it looks like Symonds is going to get in trouble for this, I mean seriously what's the world coming too when you can't knock down streakers without fear of punishment. Well OK, it's a bit of a shame that we lost as well, surely knocking over the streaker is worth a few extra runs, say ten. :-)

Categories: Humour
Date: 2008-03-05 23:03:53, 11 years and 170 days ago