Anti-Microsoft FUD

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD), the bane of the Linux "evangelist", is not restricted to anti-Linux materials: Iran Uses Novell and Microsoft Software to Make Bombs. Oh, noes! Microsoft and Novell must be evil!

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Date: 2009-06-24 23:03:53, 11 years and 21 days ago

Slackware 64 Bit

Slackware now has an official 64-bit port, so far it's only available for people who run -current, but be available as an alternative architecture for the next release (Slackware 13). Whoo!

Categories: Computers, Linux
Date: 2009-05-20 23:03:54, 11 years and 56 days ago

NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Review

As promised here's my review of NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, my current web host.

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Categories: Computers, Reviews, Meta
Date: 2009-05-17 23:03:54, 11 years and 59 days ago

The History of Programming Languages

For your reading pleasure may I present A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages.

Categories: Computers, Howto, Linkage
Date: 2009-05-13 23:03:56, 11 years and 63 days ago

Awk and Trac.ini

You'll notice I'm posting late again, for which I blame C.S. Lewis, and since he's dead he can't defend himself from this unfounded accusation completely serious and non-trivial explanation for my tardiness.

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Categories: Computers, Howto, Linux, Scripting
Date: 2009-05-05 23:03:53, 11 years and 71 days ago

The Artificial Load Spike

Since I missed posting over the weekend I thought I'd share a little Linux one-liner that I found amusing. For those that don't know "load" in the Unix world often refers to the system load averages for one, five, or fifteen minutes. The system load average is the average number of processes in the "ready" state over the period in question. Processes in the "ready" state are normally waiting for a chance to use the CPU, but it also includes processes waiting for I/O, which the following one-liner takes advantage of to cause an artificial load spike:

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Date: 2009-04-27 23:03:54, 11 years and 79 days ago

Countdown in a Shell Script

Tuesday's still the weekend right? ;-)

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Categories: Computers, Scripting, Linux
Date: 2009-04-07 23:03:53, 11 years and 99 days ago

Battery State Monitor Script

Oops, completely missed posting last weekend, mostly just because I'm too easily distracted. Such is life, hopefully I'll do two or three posts this weekend to even it up.

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Categories: Computers, Scripting, Linux
Date: 2009-04-04 23:03:53, 11 years and 102 days ago

Some tips on speeding up Slackware 12.2 Boot

My Slackware laptop had decently fast boot times (a little over a minute), but I'm impatient and decided to see if I could speed it up some more. Here's the changes I made and the results down the bottom. This is on a Dell Vostro 1510, with 4GB of ram and a 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo. Obviously the results will vary depending on your hardware.

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Categories: Computers, Howto, Linux
Date: 2009-02-14 23:03:54, 11 years and 151 days ago

GMail POP3 Error

About a fortnight ago my GMail account started giving me weird errors when I tried to login via POP3; the error I was receiving was something similar to "-ERR [SYS/TEMP] Proxying required. {XDH}".

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Categories: Computers
Date: 2009-02-02 23:03:53, 11 years and 163 days ago