Police seize useless tube from farm

Apparently the police seized a 66-millimetre "bazooka" on a farm in Queensland. My guess is that it is actually a spent M72¹ launcher, since real Bazookas don't come in 66 mm. Also the M72 was designed as a single use weapon so the spent launcher is pretty much just a useless tube, hence the title, and is about as dangerous as a spent bullet shell, ie not really at all. The police even said that it "is not operable". Also, it's nice too see that 12 years of our strict gun control laws still haven't got rid of the guns, since this guy had another 16 firearms and the police implied that at least some of them are functional, just lovely.

1. While writing this I found the Brisbane Times article about this and it at least has the good sense not to call the rocket launcher a Bazooka, it even goes so far as to state that the launcher is standard issue for the ADF, meaning it was almost definitely a spent M72.

Categories: Politics, Jurisprudence
Date: 2008-03-31 23:03:54, 16 years and 109 days ago

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