Highwater Filters Webstore Review

I recently purchased a couple of Sawyer water filters from an online webstore, and when I was looking into it I couldn't find much talking about the company itself, but it's prices where a lot cheaper than the competition so I decided to give them a go anyhow, and I thought I'd do a quick write-up on how it went.

First the good: Their prices on Sawyer filters are the cheapest I could find, and their international postage was also quite cheap. I paid my order on the 29th of October, and under two weeks later I received the package here in Australia. They also offer some pretty good deals on various accessories if you purchase Sawyer filters.

Now a minor negative: They didn't put any padding in the box they used to ship my filters to me. Everything looks fine when I inspect it, and the box seems to have been handled pretty gently for a parcel, but for something that can break unnoticeably like a ceramic water filter it would have been comforting if they'd charged a buck or two more for postage and included some padding of some sort.

Note: I haven't had to try to return anything or otherwise have to deal with defective purchases, which would definitely be difficult for an international purchase like this, so I can't comment on what they are like in that regard.

Overall Highwater Filters have very good prices, with with cheap, fast international postage, I would recommend them, though some bubble-wrap would be nice.

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Date: 2013-11-22 23:03:54, 10 years and 237 days ago

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